Best Golf Balls For 85 Mph Swing Speed

Are you a beginner in golf and cannot decide which golf ball you want to play with? Or, perhaps you’re just looking for the best golf balls for 85 mph swing speed. Either way, we have a comprehensive list of quality golf balls for for you to choose from. Let’s get going!

Why 85 Mph?

85 Mph is a golf ball speed that is suitable for a beginner. As you begin improving your game, you will swing faster and faster. However, it will take quite a while until you get competitive in swing speed. So, if you ask an advanced golf player to choose a ball for you, they will most likely recommend a soft ball.

Why is a soft ball good for a beginner?

Normally, professional players prefer more compressed balls than less compressed ones. This is simply because their swing speed is over 120 mph and they want to carry the ball as distant as it is starting right off the tee box and getting to the greens as quickly as possible. So, they do not tolerate losing strokes coming from a soft ball.

However, soft balls come with an advantage. Their spin is better than more compressed balls. Rounds per minute are also important for a beginner. So, it adds some forgiveness to your shots. However, more advanced players understandably do not need forgiveness as much as beginners do.

So, when you are looking for a golf ball, you need to check their compression rate.

Long story short, let’s start our review of best golf balls for 85 mph (and lower) swing speed to find out more about it.

1. Wilson Staff DUO

If you did not come from another planet, you must know Wilson. The sporting goods company surely do not specialize only in golf equipment; however, they are quite competitive in the market. One of the things they do well is the golf balls. So, they deserved a place on our list of golf balls.


Wilson Best Golf Balls For 85 Mph Swing SpeedAs we mentioned, the most important thing in a golf ball is its compression rating. The better player you are, the firmer balls you need to be hitting. As a starter, the Wilson Staff DUO’s compression rating is 62. It is considerably soft. However, if you are shooting off the tee with a swing speed of 85, you will be amazed how straight and distant it will go. It literally flies in the air without tilting its way.

Secondly, its cover material is extra thin urethane. Nowadays, everybody uses urethane to decrease the spin of the ball. If you want even less spin, your golf ball’s cover material usually is surlyn. Thanks to its urethane with low compression, even people with slower swing speeds can feel like a professional.

There is a total of 362 dimples and their pattern is well-designed to maximize the carry distance.


When I opened the sleeve, the feel in your hands actually tells what you need to expect. When I hit my first shot with a slower swing speed than I usually have, I did not notice any ballooning which is quite good for this. Then I hit with my 3-wood, it went even farther this time without ballooning.

After shooting the whole sleeve, I think it is safe to say that this ball would benefit a person who struggles with slices off the tee box. Yes, it feels mushy around the greens but other than that it is generally a good ball for a person who is looking for a distance ball.


  • It is quite affordable and good quality.
  • A distant ball is great for elderly people or beginners.


  • The mushy feeling is a bit of a setback.

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2. Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Truvis Golf Balls

Callaway has been notorious for its high-quality golf products and they are famous for a reason. Their range of fans is from every skill level. You can be a beginner or a professional, you know that Callaway has something that is exactly for you.


Callaway Best Golf Balls For 85 Mph Swing SpeedFirst of all, tracking the golf ball has never been as easy as in Chrome Soft Truvis golf ball thanks to its unique pattern. We can call that the golf balls’ energy source is the core of them. That part is largely responsible for the speed, distance, and spin of the golf ball. Here, Callaway’s graphene-infused dual soft fast core helps you maximize the inner energy, giving more speed. It also minimizes the spin and launching off the tee box is higher, more distant and going forward.

The ball is a soft ball itself and the marketing is even ultra-soft which deserves it. The compression rating is quite low in this golf ball too, helping beginners to shoot the balls further away. As usual, in order to lower the spin rate, the Chrome Soft Truvis employs a soft Tour urethane cover and makes it easier to shoot straight away.


I bought a box of Callaway’s and headed to the golf course. Yet, while I was on my way, I called a friend of mine who is a seasoned golf player over 60 and has been having difficulties flying the ball with the driver to come over. I will not ramble on about it; he asked the rest of the box from me as he loved how it performed.

The performance of it is top-notch, especially for someone with low swing speed. Normally, at 115 mph, the expected distance difference between a short ball and a long ball is about 17 yards. However, the lower your swing speed is, the expected distance difference between balls gets lower and lower.

It does not cause low-flying shots which is a surplus. The engineers in Callaway probably focused more on forgiveness as their previous beginner golf balls had some issues regarding that.


  • Off-center shots are not problematic anymore. It has good forgiveness.
  • The aim of achieving more distance with lower swing speeds is fulfilled.


  • Minor problems around the greens due to its feel.

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3. Bridgestone Tour B RXS

Bridgestone has been producing golf balls for a long while and now every golfer knows their name except for their car tires. So, the Tour B RXS is our third pick because it specifies its targeted audience as people who have problems with distance and control over the ball.


First things first, its compression rating is 64 and that makes it perfect for blasting the ball off the tee box and carrying more distance with your irons. This model is an upgrade of B330-RXS so it has new technologies as well as improving what it already possessed. There is a total of 4 different models in the Tour B series and they more or less have the same technologies however the RXS one overperforms as it combines all of it in itself.

For example, there is the Dual Dimple 338 pattern, gradational compression core, and the SlipRes urethane cover. So, the company basically chose this one as all-in-one or we can call it this model is the go-to model of Bridgestone.


Just like many others, it has a great distance with the driver. It feels quite well with its touch. After trying the whole box, I got my putter in my hand to try it in the greens. I noticed that it has an exceptionally good feel in the greenside. It helps you control the ball and with a bit of spinning, you can feel like a professional. The consistency is exceptionally good as long as you hit the ball similarly.

Mostly, soft balls are hard to control in the greens but for some reason, it does not have such a downside. The only downside is that it is less affordable than the others.


  • Extraordinary control in greens is an exception in slow balls.
  • This employs all the technologies that Bridgestone has. It is a superstar.


  • It is, unfortunately, less affordable than our other picks.

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4. Volvik S4

Even though having quite a high compression rate which 105, it is quite well for beginners as well. One good thing about getting used to the Volvik S4 is that using the same golf ball is a great surplus.

Just imagine how many variables there are in golf. Wind speed and direction, your swing speed and technique and so forth. Why do you want to add another factor by changing your golf ball every time you improve your game? So, you can start with the Volvik S4 as a beginner, continue with it as an intermediate and play with it even when you are more skilled.

In addition to that, it has a double urethane cover which increases forgiveness and boosts your accuracy. As another technical specification, it has quite a nice 366 dimple pattern that is a trademark of Volvik.


  • You can use it for a prolonged time.
  • It is very visible in the air thanks to its shiny bright green or pink color.


  • In the beginning, it can be a bit challenging for beginners. However, it is easy to get used to it.

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5. Callaway Superhot 70

Our last pick on our list of best golf balls for 85 mph swing speed is another Callaway. The Superhot 70 can be your golf ball to cover long distances if you have problems regarding your swing speed. Callaway released it as an upgrade for the old Superhot 55.


Its compression rating is very low to help you fly the ball easily. So, if your swing speed is low such as 85 mph or under 85, this ball is the right pick.

When you play golf as a beginner, you lose strokes for every long shot you make. This is simply because you do not hit the ball as fast as other players do. However, if you use a ball with a lower compression rate, you will maximize your lift and reach better distances. The 70 from the name “Superhot 70” is actually its compression rating.

Another thing is that it has HEX Aerodynamics technology on its pattern. This allows reducing the dragging of the ball and lifts. So, the ball provides stability and height.

The only thing that I did not like with this ball is that its high spin can swerve from distance off the tee box. However, admittingly, it increases the control over the ball when you are in the greenway.


  • High-flying shots are much easier with the ball.
  • Thanks to its aerodynamics, you can reach the distances you have never reached.


  • It has a high spin rate.

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Best Golf Balls For 85 Mph Swing Speed – Conclusion

As we mentioned before, golf balls are the pieces of equipment we always use while playing golf. So, choosing a good one that can improve your is the best way to achieve this. You can pick Wilson, Callaway, Bridgestone, or the others, make sure that you play with a soft ball as a beginner or slow swinger.

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