Women’s Golf Clubs for Beginners

Best Women’s Golf Clubs for Beginners

Do you want to begin playing golf but cannot decide which one is a perfect fit for you? Here is a guide for you, the top 5 best women’s golf clubs for beginners!

How to pick up the best golf club for your needs

Have you ever wondered why there are different clubs for different ages, genders or heights? Well, it is because golf is a serious sport that requires precision. However, it is hard to pick the best match if you are not sure what you are looking for. Here is a quick list of what you should be looking for and what you need to avoid.

1. Perimeter Weighted Club Heads

Perimeter weighted club heads usually have a better sweeter spot when it comes to its size so you will not hit a shank.

2. Shorter clubs

The biggest difference between ladies and gentlemen golf clubs are lengths. Men’s golf clubs usually have two sizes while the women’s ones have three: Petite size, standard size, and tall size. If you are shorter than 5’3”, it is better for you if you buy a petite size. If your height is taller than 5’9”, tall size is just for you. The standard is the thing if you are in-between.

3. High lofted clubs

High lofted clubs are the clubs that make the ball fly more easily. Lifting the balls is a bit hard for a beginner thus, newbies have difficult times to take the ball further.

4. Graphite shafts

Lastly, graphite shafted cubs are much lighter than steel-shafted clubs. So, it is well-recommended for ladies especially if they have recently begun playing golf.

Before going further, let’s find out which golf clubs are the best for beginners.

1. Callaway Women’s Strata Plus Golf Set (14-piece)

Even if you are a newbie in the golf world, you might have heard Callaway brand as the California-based company has been in the industry since 1982. Callaway products range in variety and specifications. So, you can find professional golf sets as well as beginner ones or intermediate ones. Today, our recommendation will be the Callaway Women’s Strata Plus.


The golf set’s design is specifically for beginners since the Callaway engineers explicitly worked on a technology that would enhance distance and forgiveness. As we mentioned before, some of the things that beginners lack are the accuracy of their shots and they might hit shanks. Thanks to the larger sweet spots on Strata Plus, it is not an issue anymore.

The stand bag looks very authentic and is very lightweight, making it easier to carry around the golf course.
All the clubs in the set are quite lightweight for better use.


Best Women’s Golf Clubs for BeginnersThe golf set has a driver, 5 fairway wood, 5 hybrid, 6 to 9 iron, pitching and sand wedges and putter as well as a stand bag.

Driver: The driver has a 460cc and it is quite light compared to its equivalents. Its shaft is graphite to ensure that the ball goes above and beyond the tee. Its sweet spot is quite large so, even the less accurate shots are going to be faultless.

Fairway wood: 5 wood club head is made of stainless steel and the graphite shaft makes you strike stronger as you have faster swing speed. Longer shots are much easier.

Hybrid: 5-Hybrid has also the design for better forgiveness so difficult shots are no more difficult.

Irons: As we mentioned before, the iron club has a perimeter weighted club head for better control.

Pitching Wedge/Sand Wedge: They also have perimeter-weighted club heads while also possessing progressive sole width technology.

Putter: The accuracy is improved as the putter is a mallet. Mallet putters give you higher stability.


  • It has enough of a variety of clubs for a beginner.
  • Improved accuracy and stability is a great surplus.


  • The stand bag does not have full-length dividers, unfortunately.

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2. Callaway Women’s Strata Complete(11-Piece)

The second on our list is another Callaway but a simpler version than its Plus version. It still aims to give you the maximum performance as a beginner and it does well what it is supposed to do. Higher accuracy, better stability, and greater control still are a standard for Callaway golf sets for beginners. Here in the 11-piece version of Callaway Strata Complete, you will have a driver, 5-wood, 5-hybrid, 7-iron, 9-iron, sand wedge and lastly, a putter in your bag. If you think that the maximum number of golf clubs that you can carry according to USGA rules is 14, 7 is good enough as a neophyte. Just like its 14-piece version, it also uses the same technology to provide ease of use.


So, the driver presents us with a large sweet spot so that you will not hit shanks left, right and center. All the clubs in this set are light as a feather thus, giving you extra power in swings. In addition to that, 7-iron and 9-iron are also perimeter weighted which is great for maintaining control over the club.

The Strata Complete’s putter is mallet-style just like in the 14-piece set.


Callaway strata plus womens golf clubs and bag, best for beginnersAll the clubs in this set are the same as the Callaway Strata Plus with the exceptions of 6-iron, 8-iron and pitching wedge. The driver is 460cc with a graphite shaft which makes it easier to walk around with it.

7-iron and 9-iron are the most basic iron types in a golf set. If you think that there are usually 7 to 11 irons in a full golf set containing 14 clubs, 2 different irons may sound paltry. Alas, do not worry about it. 7 and 9 are the elementary ones along with the sand wedge and owing to Callaway’s technology, their forgiveness levels are well-desired for any type of golfer.

Lastly, the mallet-style putter. You will understand how crucial the improved accuracy is when you are on the greens. In other words, actions speak louder than words.


  • The Callaway brand and its unique design is the biggest plus.
  • You will have all the required clubs and not have to carry the clubs you will not even need.


  • A pitching wedge would be an extra.

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3. Aspire X1 Women’s Complete Golf Club Set

Here is the third in our list: The Aspire X1. The reason we picked this golf set is that we actually loved the stylish look as well as its top-notch quality. It can be less pricy than our previous recommendations; however, it does not mean that it offers less than greatness. The South Carolina-based company might be relatively less-known but it is safe to say that their designers know what they are doing.


First of all, we need to mention that the Aspire X1 Women’s Complete Golf Clubs are a fan-favorite with an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon. People love this as it is a long-term investment that derives from the possibility of use even when you are an intermediate golfer.

When it comes to its outer design, we actually liked it a lot as the set is mainly pink and purple.


The full set includes a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 6 to 9-Irons, Pitching Wedge, Putter, rain hood and lastly a stand bag.

The whole set has shafts made of graphite and this ensures that the ladies using the set will not have problems with their swings. These shafts are much lighter than standard steel shafts, to be precise, 40 percent.

Another good thing about the Aspire X1 Golf Club Set for Women is that the clubs are specially made for women and come in two sizes. As we mentioned before, there usually are 3 sizes; however, Aspire lacks the proper size for taller women. So, if you are taller than 5’9”, the Aspire X1 might not be for you.

Finally, the whole set matches our criteria listed above. Perimeter weighted club heads on irons, graphite shafts, and shorter clubs are the features you will find in the Aspire X1.


  • It is affordable but still makes no compromises from its quality.
  • Coming in different sizes will be of great help for shorter ladies.


  • The holder is plastic so, this is a bit of a setback.

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4. Wilson Golf Women’s Ultra Package Set

A list of best in golf is incomplete without a Wilson. Wilson Sporting Goods manufactures literally everything sports-related however, they thrive in golf equipment. So, their Women’s Ultra Package Set is an ultimate pack for every beginner and it is no surprise it makes our list.


One of the things that beginners find difficult is to generate more distance no matter their gender. Wilson’s Ultra sweeps this problem away with its technological developments. Another thing is that they evaluated the differences between female and male anatomy well and they placed the center of gravity as low as possible in order for women to have higher swing speeds.

When you hit off-center, it is important to have large sweet spots on irons. The Wilson’s Ulta Pack has perimeter-weighted club heads for higher accuracy. The size of the clubs is perfect for women.


There are a total of 9 Clubs, 3 headcovers and a bag in this set. So, its driver’s shaft is made of graphite as well as its fairway wood’s shaft. However, the hybrid has a steel shaft so it makes this club a little bit heavier than our other suggestions. Irons are the sizes from 6 to 9 plus a pitching wedge. Lastly, a really great putter completes the set.


  • It has a great range of clubs for any beginner.
  • The irons are quite consistent in hitting with high accuracy.


  • A blade putter needs replacement.

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5. Knight Women’s 12 Piece Complete Golf Set

This is an awesome set for right-handed female golfers. Its compact design makes everything seem easier for beginners. Of course, if you are an avid player of golf, this set might be too basic for you. Yet, it will be more than enough if you are just a casual golfer. They are the least expensive one on our list but it is high-caliber for occasional golfers.


One thing we really like about this set is its exceptional bag. The bag, unfortunately, does not have legs to lean it forward but it looks stylish and carries a lot in its pockets. For me, durability is the most important when it comes to cart bags and the Knight’s Complete Set does not disappoint me.

With the graphite shafted clubs, you will not even notice that you are carrying 9 different clubs.


The full set includes a driver, 3-wood, Hybrid, 6 to 9 Irons, Pitching Wedge and a Putter as well as 2 headcovers for your driver and fairway wood.

The 12.5-degree driver has a graphite shaft which is exactly what we recommend. Also, a weighted perimeter iron will make you look much more successful than you actually are. Only the irons have steel shafts. Other than that, the other clubs’ shafts are graphite which fastens your swings.

One thing I liked a lot is how accurate are their putters. My partner golfs a few times a year with me and she does wonders on the greens.


  • The bag is as durable as it can be. If you are not expecting miracles, the bags will surely meet your expectations.
  • The 12.5-degree driver is of great use for beginners.


  • The bag is quite cool but the thing is it does not stand as a result of not having any legs. It would be awesome if we do not have to bend down to pick up the bag.

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To sum things up, if you want to polish your golf skills, the first thing you need to look for is a good starter set. You can buy any of our reviewed golf sets as they all offer high-end quality even though they have different pricing. All in all, you should care about what we mentioned before our review before buying your golf set.

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