Best Golf Balls for Slow Swing Speeds

Have you been looking for golf balls that would maximize your distances off the tee? Check our review of the best golf balls for slow swing speeds, if you’re someone looking to optimize their game!

Swing Speeds

Most of us are aware of the importance of high swing speed. The higher speed you swing, the farther the ball reaches. Of course, golf technology tries to reduce the difference between high swingers and slow swingers as much as possible; however, it is still highly essential.

Tiger Woods has an average of more than 120 mph while an average casual golfer will have about 90 to 95 mph. The technique, efficiency, and accuracy are vitally important as well but you should not underestimate the power of a good blasting power off the tee box.

So, on our list, we are going to give you golf balls with their detailed information that will minimize the negative effects of slow swing speeds. However, before we move on, let’s take a look at what aspects of golf balls we need to take cognizance.

Golf Balls

Many occasional golfers seem to be off with their golf ball choices. This is simply not because there are not enough applicable options but people just do not spend enough time to find the proper golf ball for their needs. If you had a professional’s druthers, you would be allocating most time for golf balls. The reason is this: You change your clubs nearly for every shot you make; yet, you use the same golf ball for every shot.

So, what do we need to look for in a ball? First off, the compression rating. Better players use higher-compressed balls as they do not need forgiveness. Their swing speeds are already high to fly the ball or increase the stability of the ball. So, slow swing speed golfers need to use less compressed balls.

Then, we have consistency. Normally, you expect a ball to reach similar distances if there are no other variables such as different crosswinds or swing speeds. However, even tested with a swing robot, second shots fall shorter than the first ones. This is the result of the lack of consistency in low-quality balls.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the list and find out more!

1. Srixon Soft Feel

Srixon is a Japanese brand that has been producing golf clubs, golf balls and every type of equipment related to golf. So, thanks to the company’s experience and innovativeness, any golf ball list would be incomplete without a Srixon.


Srixon, Best Golf Balls for Slow Swing SpeedsSrixon Soft Feel is the 11th generation of the Soft Feel golf balls. One thing that is quite problematic for slow swingers is the length of carry distance. However, the Soft Feel overcomes this problem with its unprecedented Energetic Gradient Growth Core. This core is softer in the center but firmer on the outside to ensure that the launch is as high as possible along with less spin to reach the maximum distance.

Secondly, we want to talk about its cover. The cover is a soft, thinner ionomer cover. The ultra-thin cover is important as it is the deciding factor when it comes to the control of the ball on the greenside. It also makes the feel softer on all pitches, chips and putts.

The Srixon Soft Feel has a compression rating of 60. This is very low for a golf ball. However, this is a perfect thing for slow swingers. Many people’s swing speeds decrease as they get older. After some age, it can really be hard to fly the ball away. So, less compression rate is not only for starters but also for seasoned golfers.


  • Distance will no longer be a problem for you.
  • It retains excellent control over the greenside.


  • The feel is not as soft as many other golf balls despite its low compression rate.

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2. Titleist DT TruSoft

The second pick on our list is a cinch one: The Titleist DT TruSoft. It has the softest compression among any Titleist golf ball. Thanks to this, the ball has longer distances. Titleist’s trusted quality comes with great consistency. When it comes to short game performance, they used new technology to improve the stopping power.


Titleist, 2nd Best Golf Balls for Slow Swing SpeedsFirst of all, Trutouch Core’s perfect design delivers low spin for longer distances. The core also assures the soft feel on all shots no matter it is putting or fairway strokes. The core obviously took a long time for the Titleist engineers. When we went for a test, I was really surprised that the soft feel could be at this level with the long irons. The distance is no longer a problem for senior people.

The second part is its Truflex Cover. The trademarked TruFex Cover utilizes proprietary Titleist technology. The cover is vitally important especially when the ball comes onto the greens. The control of the ball is easy. Even though it does not have trailing technology while putting, the more important part is very well, which is crystal clear.

Lastly, we are coming to the Trusoft Flight. The DT Trusoft makes no mistake in keeping the straight line during its flight at the tee box. The aerodynamics which takes its power from the ball’s dimple pattern is unmatched.


  • Greenside spinning is very well.
  • When it comes to pricing, it is quite affordable for such an unrivaled ball.


  • Spinning is quite the average among all golf balls in this class. When we compare it to the other balls on our list, it is below average, though.

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3. Vice GOLF Pro

If you are looking for a fancy golf ball that comes in an elegant box, Vice is for you. There are two Vice models on our list; however, they are equally well even though they do not bear much resemblance. The Vice Pro’s main target is intermediate level golfers with slow swing speeds. So, if you are a senior golfer who past their peak and looks for a golf ball that can achieve tremendous distances, take a look at the Vice Pro. You will not leave the course in disappointment.


Vice Golf Pro Golf Balls for Slow Swing SpeedsThe main characteristic of the ball comes from its cover. Its cast urethane cover is extremely soft and equipped with S2TG Technology. The coating is very thin; thus, it results in smooth green control and a high degree of backspin. The S2TG technology also increases the backspin even higher degrees.

Secondly, the engineers in Vice also decided to reduce the number of dimples dramatically while increasing the diameter of the dimples. The purpose here is simple. The more indented a surface is, the more there is air resistance on that surface. The result is basically perfect: More stable trajectory.


  • The ball’s cover has S2TG technology which is unique to Vice and a big upgrade to the equivalents of this ball.
  • It has a very soft feel on the greenside.


  • Durability is doubtful, unfortunately.

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4. Vice Golf Pro Soft

The second Vice recommendation on our list is the solution for a different type of golfers. Its forgiveness is much higher and this makes it a better choice for below intermediate golfers with slow swing speeds.


As we said in the previous review, Vice still uses this great S2TG technology to increase the backspin. Thanks to its extremely soft matte cast urethane cover, the feel on the greens is at the maximum level.

Another thing I like about this golf ball is its number of dimples. The optimal number of dimples minimizes dispersion; hence, it results in an even more stable flight trajectory. So, when you whack the ball off the tee, your ball will go straight all the way. When we tested the ball, the weather was a bit windy. Yet, the ball’s stability did not change much.

One last thing about the Vice Golf Pro Soft is its high visibility. The ball comes in different colors other than white. My favorite is the red one as it has the highest visibility no matter when I am taking a walk to the fairway or rough. You can spot it from everywhere. It is also good for rangefinder use.

The only thing I did not like is that it gets dirty so quickly due to its matte finish.


  • A very-well designed dimple pattern exhibits great difference.
  • Durability is not a big problem unlike its sister, the Vice Golf Pro.


  • The cleanliness of the ball is important to me and this ball is lacking it.

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5. Callaway Golf Supersoft

A list without a Callaway is impossible for me. I have been using Callaway’s for a long time and this choice was an easy one for me. I recommend all the people who ask me what they should use as a beginner off the top of my head.

If you are looking for a ball that is a long and straight distance ball, this is your thing. It is a popular choice among golfers, mostly at beginner or intermediate levels with slow swing speeds.

Reaching faster ball speeds and increased accuracy is not a dream for many people who are a senior, female or slow swinger. The company has done everything it could to prevent drag as much as possible and to enhance lift for longer carry distance.

Another good thing is its orange color which increases visibility. I like bright colors to spot my balls and this ball meets my expectations in this.


  • It is now much easier to strike high-flying balls.
  • The Trigonometry cover formulation increases the feel.


  • The spin rate is much higher than I would have liked.

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5. Volvik Crystal White

I have started to gain more and more affection with the Volvik Crystal White lately thanks to its stylish design. However, the design is not the only thing that this ball offers. First off, as you might have already noticed, I like visibility and this ball has it perfectly. Let’s get to the features.


The Volvik Crystal White does what it does well. It promises to give its users a very soft feel while having a stable and consistent flight. To be fair, this ball had the highest consistency among the balls we suggested even though the margins were not too large.

Its compression rate is 75 which can still be considered as quite low compared to the ones that high swing speed golfers use. The main design of its core is suitable for many people not being able to shoot straight.
Along with that, the low compression core helps you elevate your short game by increasing control and roll.


  • Volvik is an affordable golf ball but still high-quality.
  • The highest consistency on our list belongs to the Crystal White.


  • As it becomes more and more popular, there are too many fake ones or refurbished ones sold as “New”. You need to be extra careful.

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As you know, swing speed is a big handicap-maker earlier in the game. If you have a slow swing speed, it is better to buy one of the golf balls we recommended so that you will not suffer from that. Surely, when you improve your game, your swing speed will also improve and you will hurt less and less from this aspect of the game. So, pick a good golf ball that improves your game greatly.

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