Illegal Golf Ball

Best Illegal Golf Balls

Do you want to improve your game and impress your playing partners? Here are some of the illegal golf balls that you can use.

What is an illegal golf ball?

The United States Golf Association (USGA) has limits on almost every type of golf equipment. This includes golf balls too. So, there is a limit on technical attributes as well as physical attributes. Even though there are limits according to USGA, there is no limit in recreative golf. Many seniors or beginner level golfers use this to boast around their friends.

You definitely should not be using these balls in tournament play or plays that can qualify you for bigger tournaments. However, if you want to enjoy more on the course, you can give it a try.

Why do they go farther?

The thing is the illegal golf balls or non-conforming golf balls, usually have smaller size and weight and that is the number one reason why they go more distant. However, because of this, the control of these balls on the greenside is horrible. They are just programmed to go further and they go further wherever you are shooting from.

Another thing to note is that they have another negative effect. This is the potential damages that can happen to your golf clubs. Some people complained about excessive denting on their clubfaces after regular usage of illegal golf balls

Are there illegal clubs?

Yes, but no major golf company manufactures such golf clubs as the market is very small. Yet, some smaller companies exceed the limits set by the USGA.

Golf Balls

Golf balls are the number one equipment that decides how far you will hit the ball at the tee box. If you think that you are using this piece of equipment all the time, you will notice how vital it is to have a ball to meet your needs.

So, let’s get to our list!

1. MG Golf Balls Senior

The MG Golf Balls for Seniors is the longest ball for golfers whose drives are not longer than 250 yards. It usually adds about 15 to 20 yards to your launching shots with the driver. So, if you are using this ball, you should be expecting high-flying distance shots. If you have a swing speed of 90 mph or more, it is highly likely that your shots will be nothing but hooks. So, be careful.

However, many seniors have a slowing speed. MG has found your cure. These balls are incredibly small and lightweight that you will think that you are back to your peak.


It has a hotter feel off the face. The feel makes many elderly golfers more confident about their game. When I asked an elder friend who has been struggling with the drive speed, he simply told me that he has been hearing this sound that comes from the ball when you swing very high speeds. Given that he has not heard that sound from his own balls for a long time, I cannot imagine how happy he was. Of course, he is not a competitive player anymore, he just wants to have fun with the ball.

Another thing is that as we said before, these balls’ main purpose is to take the ball as distant as possible and that does not change in different positions. So, putting is troublesome. However, the MG Senior is one of the better ones in this aspect. So, I would say that putts will not be the toughest point in your game if you get used to how the ball reacts to every shot.


  • It is a very comfortable ball to play with.
  • The ball is an important device to boost your confidence in your game of golf.


  • There are some durability issues with the ball, it gets scuffed easily.

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2. Polara Ultimate Straight Self-Correcting Golf Balls

We have two picks from Polara. The first one is for people whose problem is mainly hooking or slicing off the tee. They have used advanced technology to decrease this. Indeed, it does not mean you will not hook or slice ever again and that is not what these golf balls promise to do.


The Polara Self-Correcting golf balls are suitable for beginner level golfers. It is not very uncommon when you just start off your game, you will be hitting extremely high-flying shots that result in hooks. So, this will not be a nuisance for you at all now.

Simply, point the arrow on the ball directly at your target or just direct it to the center of the fairway and whack it. The ball does the rest.

It provides you with a less aerodynamic lift which culminates to reduce the hooks and fix the slices. However, your balls will fly lower than they would fly normally.

Fixing the slices work like this: If you slice the ball about 100 feet, the ball reduces this to somewhere around 25 feet. So, you will end up in the fairway rather than the rough.

Another thing is that it is a great time-saver. I agree that being competitive is highly important; however, as amateur golfers are not going for a trophy, time is more important than being competitive. When you place your driver into your golf bag, you will directly head to the fairway, not to roughs or woods.


  • The ball is quite fun, you can even try to slice the ball on purpose, but nope.
  • It has an interesting design that makes its users even more curious.


  • It has an interesting design that makes its users even more curious.

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3. Polara XDS Extra Distance and Spin Golf Balls

After our first suggestion from Polara, here is our second pick. This is also an illegal ball but this time the chief intention is not fixing the faulty shots but adding extra distance on your ball. Even though it still corrects hooks and slices, the XDS is a distance ball.

One thing before going to its features is that this model has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can just try and if you think it is not your thing, you can simply return the product.


Again, Polara utilized an arrow to help the golfers. You just point the arrow at your target in order to maximize its effect and it just flies away as soon as you hit the ball. Slow swing, fast swing… It does not matter how you swing; the ball is totally too energetic.

The company has also added another feature that many illegal golf balls do not have: Putt control. Yes, these golf balls do not employ the best spin control around the greens; however, their equivalents keep flying here and there.
Putting feel is soft. The moment you touch the ball, you can easily see its direction and whether it is going in or not. I was not expecting that as the ball has an asymmetrical dimple pattern. Usually, such patterns cause unstable balls while rolling.


  • It has a better green performance than other non-conforming balls.
  • It has a very nice design.


  • Adding extra distance is well; yet, it is really hard to go back to normal golf balls.

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4. Volvik Magma Non-Conforming Distance Golf Balls

Volvik is a company that actually manufactures very good legal balls; however, its product range extends to illegal golf balls, as well. The Volvik Magma is the company’s only non-conforming golf ball which aims to take you to farther distances.


It has a special design that increases carry distance. How? It reduces dragging. Its highly resilient ionomer cover adds extra control around the greens.

It has a dimple pattern with 432 dimples and thanks to that, it has an excellent lift and aerodynamic performance. Who uses these balls? Generally speaking, people with slower swing speeds, seniors or beginner female players whose swing speeds are less than 90 mph.

Another thing we would like to talk about is its Power Dual Core. It is composed of two pieces: The first is the inner core which helps to launch the ball and gives more explosion. The second one is the outer control layer which is good for control on the greenside.


  • Volvik is a company that produces durable golf balls, overall and the Magma is not an exception.
  • It helps you gain more self-esteem and self-confidence.


  • The feel around the greens is a bit too much.

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5. Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls

Bandit’s Maximum Distance balls actually do what they promise to do well. They send the ball as distant as possible. They send it so distant that the company even broke a world record in that.


The Bandit golf balls are the balls that try to help people who encounter problems regarding their swing speeds. Many people can easily reach 90 or 100 mph; however, as you get older, this becomes more of an issue. So, these people lose strokes, time and joy while playing golf. These golf balls come to help at that point.

If you have a slower swing speed, you will see the ball going about 20 yards longer than your normal shots. However, if you are a medium or fast swinger, you will see hooks left, right and center.


  • The ball is the longest one on this list.
  • Its DuPont Lithium Surlyn cover reduces the spin rate and results with even better performance.


  • The ball’s aerodynamic lift is not adjusted well that sometimes it ends with hooks.

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At last, if you are playing the game of golf just to have more fun, these are great golf balls for you. Yeah, you will not be able to contest Tiger Woods with these balls but who will have the opportunity to play against him, right? Maximize your performance and amaze your friends!

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