Wilson Ultra Complete Golf Set

Wilson Ultra Complete Golf Set Review

Wilson Ultra Complete Golf SetGolf is a sport that people need to invest in equipment in order to up their games. Your technique and skill are as important as your clubs, of course. However, when you use a better club, it is easy to understand how crucial it is. So, people around me who want to be casual golfers going to the course from time to time ask me one thing. What do they need to look for in a golf club set? That’s part of what we’ll be talking about in this Wilson Ultra Complete Golf Set review.

The first thing to mention is its price. Affordability is important as you are a starter and investing in equipment a lot may not be in your best interests.

The second thing is the technical details. As a beginner, the direly needed feature is specifications such as improved accuracy, higher stability, and larger sweet spots. So, you had better check these on your own. The last thing to mention in this is that you will need faster swing speeds and graphite shafts are there for you to achieve this.

You can either go through all these or you can simply come to a decision after what we recommend: Wilson Ultra Complete Golf Set.

About the Wilson Ultra Complete Golf Set

The set is a perfect starter for beginners. Combined with its unpaired experience, a set of Wilson’s is what every golfer goes through. The Wilson Sporting Goods company is famous for manufacturing all types of sports equipment; however, golf equipment is their area of expertise.

What are you going to get with this set?

When you buy it, you will acquire a driver with graphite shaft, 3-wood with graphite shaft, hybrid with steel shaft, zinc irons from 6 to 9, pitching wedge and finally a putter. In addition to the clubs, you will have some accessories such as a stand bag and three head covers to protect your clubs.

So, before moving on, let’s take an in-depth look at the clubs.

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The 460cc oversized driver is a perfect tool for beginners. 460cc is the largest that the USGA allows. So, there is a larger sweet spot compared to the intermediate or advanced golf sets which provide more distant shots but fewer shanks.

The loft is at 10.5 degrees. Normally, I would recommend something that is 12 degrees to reach the best ease of use. Yet, the Wilson Ultra does not disappoint even sitting at 10.5 degrees.

Fairway Wood

The fairway wood in this set is a low-profile 3-wood one. It is fabulous for a beginner to meet your driving needs and expectations. As we said, it is hard for beginners to direct the balls and hit them with power. Thanks to the Wilson Ultra set’s marvelous 3-wood, it is not a big issue anymore.

The club’s main material is titanium with a graphite shaft. It assures that your swing speeds are going to be top-level.


So, this is the last wood in the set and its loft is pretty high, sitting at 25 degrees. Normally, the other beginner sets have a shape more similar to irons; however, here in the Wilson Ultra, the hybrid is more comparable to the fairway wood owing to its wider body.

If you need a fair shot to the fairway, this hybrid is going to be your fellow traveler with its potential to provide you with longer distances. Some of my friends who just started playing golf found it easier to shoot with this hybrid at the tee box rather than a driver.

6 to 9 Irons

Wilson Ultra Club

There are a total of four irons in the Wilson Ultra, beginning from 6 and going to 9-iron. All the irons are perimeter weighted which assist with maintaining stability. It is also great for beginner level golfers who usually have problems with balance.

The shaft is made of stainless steel. This normally gives us a heavier club and lowers the swing speed. Even though it is heavier, it unintentionally helps people keep the club on the low. When you are inside 150 yards, you will surely feel the assist of the irons. As you need to fly the ball high, keeping the club low definitely is a surplus.

I personally think that this is a great set of irons with regard to improving the game. Obviously, more complicated shots like low draws are not for this set of irons but such shots will be too challenging for beginners anyhow.

So, the irons will suffice to use within 150 yards.

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Pitching Wedge

Well, unfortunately, there is only one wedge here. Lob wedge or gap wedge might be too complicated but a sand wedge would also be suitable for a beginner. So, if you buy this, you will need to augment your set later on.

The pitching wedge in the set is a perimeter-weighted one. Perimeter-weighted wedges are good for adding more forgiveness when you hit off-center shots.

Until you amplify your wedges, the quality and the technical features this pitching wedge has will be more than enough to get you out of sand or rough.


I normally suggest that newbies should begin with mallet-style putters, however, this one is a blade type. Alas, when I tried the putter, I noticed that the putter has some characteristics like mallet even though it looks just like a blade.

It performs quite well in the greens and you can even add it into your intermediate set as soon as you improve your game.

Other Accessories

Apart from the clubs, the set has two head covers and a stand bag. Two head covers are perfectly fitting the woods and they look modernistic and stylish. Even though you have 3 woods, you will receive 2 head covers for protection.

Lastly, we have a stand bag. It is incredibly lightweight and it will not leave you in backpain after completing 18 holes. There are ergonomic straps as well. The durability is also not in question here.


  • Great engineering behind the clubs provides us with higher accuracy and more control over the club.
  • The putter is heavier than its equivalents which makes it easier to control the club.
  • The 460cc driver will help you hit extraordinary distances.


  • A sand wedge would be of great help.

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To sum up, the Wilson Ultra Complete Golf Set does what it promises to do. The set tells that it is a great starter set and even the first set a casual golfer can buy and it really is as we reviewed. Other than that, the second thing it promises is high quality at an affordable price. That is also fulfilled. Then, the last thing is that it commits to improving your game swiftly. With its technological background, you will move up the ladders in the game of golf quite fast.

So, if you are looking for a golf set to start with or buy one as a gift to your friend, this will be a great choice. Other people think the same as us, giving an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

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