Nike Hyperflight Golf Ball

Nike Hyperflight Golf Ball Review

Ever wondered why you improve in golf slower than you want? Maybe it is due to a bad golf ball choice. Here is our Nike Hyperflight review.

What should you consider when choosing a golf ball?

First off, it’s important to know how to choose the best golf ball before moving on to the Nike Hyperflight. We usually spend long time while choosing a golf club but when it comes to golf balls, an average golfer thinks they are all the same. Is it so? We are going to bust all the myths with our Nike Hyperflight golf ball review.

Why is it important to choose the right golf ball?

You hit the ball a few times with a putter but we try to find the greatest putter for our needs. However, when the golf ball is the main topic we do not mind much. Yet, the only piece of equipment we use for every shot is the golf ball. We need to put an emphasis on that.

This comes from the idea that a good shot is a good shot no matter the ball. This simply is not true. Tests show that the average carry distance between balls can go more than 17 yards at 115 mph. You might say that you do not have such a high speed. So, at 85 mph the carry distance is about 8 yards.

How do we choose the perfect ball?

You need to check the compression rate. The firmer the ball, the longer the ball will travel. If you keep buying soft balls, you will never reach your true potential. There is a myth among golfers that if your swing speed is lower, you should use soft golf balls. This simply is not what science says.

Use firmer balls as much as possible to get longer shots. Maximize your potential. The same ball will not act differently when you swing slower than when you swing faster.

Lastly, when you find the perfect ball, hang onto it. As you know, there are too many variables in golf. Some are rooted in human factors and some are not. For example, you might think that a change in wind is not your fault. However, an off-center shot is definitely your fault. Maybe it is not?
Let’s find out in our Nike Hyperflight golf ball review.

Nike Hyperflight Golf Ball

Nike Hyperflight Golf BallNike is well known for their great design, state of the art technology and superior ease of use within golfing and sports equipment. The Hyperflight golf ball is no exception.

The Nike Hyperflight is a great ball for beginners. Remember what we said about how different carry distance can be. There is a reason why we mentioned 115 mph and 85 mph. The reason is 115 mph is quite good for an average golfer. I would even argue that it is above average. Also, 85 mph is a speed of a casual golfer who plays golf every once in a while.

So, this golf ball has an ultra-soft compression core that is designed to maximize forgiveness for people who swing lower than 85 mph. Many beginners regardless of their genders will start with less than 85 mph so, this golf ball prioritizes forgiveness over a long distance. As we said, at 85 mph, the carry distance between a short ball and a long ball is about 8 yards. However, when you swing less than 85, this becomes even more minuscule.

How it feels

When you read the other reviews on the Internet, you will see the corny comments: It feels awesome. It feels this or that.

When you touch the ball, you start to feel that the ball’s design intends to perform better on the green thanks to its softer cover. It limits the risk of hitting a thin shot.


Nike Hyperflight Golf Ball BoxProbably the best attribute of the Hyperflight is its precision.  It is precise. PRECISE. The Nike Hyperflight succeds where other golf balls suffer with inconsistencies. Some golf balls are not well-designed enough to minimize inconsistencies. This one does not have such an issue. The Nike engineers obviously knew what they were doing and what they were trying to carry out.

Testing with swing robots showed that with lower speeds, the golf ball goes about similar distances or similar directions. You should note that inconsistent balls can go as diverse as 20 yards with a swing robot. This happens due to production malfunctions. It can be because of the fact that the ball is not round or dimples are not regular. However, the Nike Hyperflight did not show such inconsistencies.


Durability is not big of a problem here with this golf ball. As long as you are a beginner, you are OK to use this. When you start hitting the balls with higher swing speeds, it might be the time you change your golf ball.


  • It passes muster for what a beginner golfer needs.
  • It overperforms on the greens.
  • The ball is a consistent one that performs greatly in the long run.


  • You need to change it as soon as you think you are an intermediate golfer.

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As we mentioned, picking the right golf ball to level up your performance and reach your potential is very essential. In light of this, the Nike Hyperflight is a good piece to have it in your beginner golf kit. We recommend!

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