Best Golf Balls for 10 Handicappers

If you are a regular 10 handicapper, you might need to change your golf ball for better swing speeds and fewer spins. Here are the top 5 best golf balls for 10 handicappers we recommend!

What is a handicap?

A golf handicap measures a golfer’s potential so that different skilled golfers can play in a more competitive way. So, a better golfer has a lower handicap while less skilled players have a higher handicap.
For example, if you have a 20 handicap and playing against a 10-handicap player, you will have a chance to shoot the ball 10 more times.

How do you find your golf handicap?

So, when you begin the game of golf, you start with higher handicaps. The par of an 18-hole course can be 72 and if you need 100 strokes, you will have 28 handicaps. However, when you start to get better, your handicap numbers will lower down. Good players will have lower than 10 handicaps. If you have 20 or more handicaps, you can be considered a below-average golfer.

Golf Balls

One thing that we need to take into consideration at all costs is that we use golf balls in every shot we make. We spend hours choosing the best putter or driver; however, we usually do not put enough emphasis on our golf balls that we consistently use as equipment.

So, we need to choose golf balls according to our skill levels. If you are a player with 10 handicaps, you need more compression ratings, less spin rate, and high consistency. As a beginner, you can use a ball with a 70-75 compression rating however; once you improve your game, this rating needs to go over 95.

When tested with a swing robot, many low-quality balls go as diverse as 20 yards. This number needs to be as low as possible.

So, let’s get to our review.

1. Titleist Pro V1X

Titleist has recently become really popular among professional golfers and advanced players. However, they have a specialty: developing intermediate players into advanced levels swiftly. So, a golf ball from Titleist is a no brainer in every best golf ball list. The first thing we saw in our tests was it has incredible consistency. Before moving on, let’s see its features.


Titleist, best golf balls for 10 handicappersAs we told before, consistency is one of the things that a good golf ball needs to have. There should not be ballooning or flying low. This golf ball has everything about consistency. It is consistent to travel long distances and consistently maintains control over the long ball.

Even though it generates a high spin on accuracy shots, the ball’s cover has negative effects on the ball speed. So, in order to tackle this problem, the Titleist Pro V1X comes with a brilliant idea: Reducing the cover thickness. So, there is a higher speed while maintaining control and spin.

Another thing is that many players value the soft feel when it comes to greens. People want explosive launch at the tee box and soft feel on the greens. So, Titleist tries to achieve both. The Pro V1x’s core is a unique one. While giving players more speed and reducing the spin rate, it still keeps the feel characteristics.

Titleist golf balls are high-end ones. You should be careful if you are buying the genuine ones upon buying as there are many fake ones.


  • Great engineering behind the ball is unprecedented.
  • You can keep playing after moving to more advanced levels.
  • Even though it is not so affordable, it is highly durable.


  • The cover decreases the ball speed a bit.

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2. TaylorMade TP5 Pix

TaylorMade is an anchor brand for golfers from every skill level. The California-based company produces every type of golf equipment for every type of golfer. You can be a beginner, intermediate or an advanced player, one thing is for sure: TaylorMade has manufactured something for you.


TaylorMade, 2nd best golf balls for 10 handicappersThe TaylorMade TP5 Pix has a great look that makes the ball easier to see no matter it is a high light hour or low light hour.

The TP5 Pix is a 5-layer one so that it will perform high speed with every driver you might have. In order to achieve faster balls, the engineers of TaylorMade provided the ball with a proprietary HFM material.

The spin rate is usually overall around the greens while giving low spin off the tee. At the tee box, you will not need to worry about high spin.

The core of the ball is the engine source. So, the energy comes from inside when we think about it. The compression rate is 90 which is quite good compared to beginner golf levels.

However, there might be some intermediate players that need more forgiveness in their shots. Even though forgiveness and stability are not the number one necessity, this ball has an adequate level of forgiveness. So, if you need higher stability, you might be looking for a different ball.


I shot all 12 balls off the tee and they felt quite well. Their consistency is quite high. My swing speed is 110 mph and the carry distance was quite my standard. However, the only minor problem was with my irons. The ball spins higher than I was anticipating.


  • 90 compression rating is a great surplus for a 10 handicapper.
  • It is suitable for higher swing speeds.


  • The spin rate can be improved.

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3. Snell MTB My Tour

Snell is a good and affordable brand when it comes to golf balls. In this model, they produced two different colors and the only difference is not the color in them. We will get into details of both balls. The company uses a urethane cover to improve the performance of holding the greens and it has a great performance overall.


As we mentioned, there are basically two different color options: the red one and the black one. The red one’s optimal courses are usually Florida style courses. The hard, winter courses are great for these. However, the black one is more of a Midwest style, softer courses for early spring and late summer.

What are the differences? This is a question that many of you may ask. First and foremost, these two sister balls bear no resemblance to each other. The red one is better for the greens, it is softer, the compression rating is much lower. However, it has problems with the ball flight as expected. On the other hand, the black one does not have any issue regarding flight distance, the performance of the black on the greens was lower than the red (but still good).

What do we recommend? We basically recommend buying both for different weather conditions or course conditions. There could be more improvement with its general forgiveness. I know many 10-handicappers do not have tribulations with forgiveness; however, it can still be a good option in such balls.


  • Two options for different conditions can give you leverage against other variables.
  • Overall greens performance is much better than other golf balls.


  • Increased forgiveness would be good.

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4. Vice Pro Plus

Would you like an elegant looking ball for your new golf season? The Vice gives you a very nice-looking box of golf balls. When they delivered the box, I just went back to my backyard to try out. First off, it has awesome stability during flight. The high-flying ball goes as if it walks on an imaginary line.


To begin with, the excellent greenside control and great gentle feel is something you would not expect from a ball of this class. As you play golf better and better, you usually need a higher compression rating and less soft feeling. Even though this ball has high compression, it never fails to feel gentle.

Another thing is its urethane cover. The cover adds higher resistance and almost perfect resilience to the ball. The fact that the cover is extra thin makes the ball carry a soft feeling.


  • It bears a great design similar to high-end golf balls.
  • The ball flies not only high but also straight.


  • The cover is not so durable.

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5. Srixon Q Star Tour

I cannot imagine a list of mine without a Srixon. This company particularly provides golfers with very nice golf balls. The Q-star Tour golf balls are one of them and it is exactly what an intermediate golfer needs. It is an affordable but durable, high-quality and energetic golf ball in general.


First off, this is a low-compression ball so it might not be for everyone’s taste who has high swing speeds. This is for moderate swing speeds. So, if your swing speed is around 100 or 110, this golf ball will be the best solution for you.

If you are looking for a higher compression rating and still ask for something from the same company, you can look for the regular Q-Star, not “Tour”.

The design of the ball promotes low drag and results in high flight. If you want to achieve longer distances off the tee and more control over the ball on the greens, then the Q-Star Tour is a possible choice here.

Finally, durability should not be a concern here. When I tested the ball, I played 18 holes and there was no single scratch on the cover.

When it comes to the feeling, it is quite adequate, nothing extraordinary, just mushy as a negative thing.


  • It is an overperforming golf ball compared to its price.
  • Thanks to its high durability, you can use the same ball for a long time.


  • The feel is a bit mushy, which I did not like.

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To sum up, we would like to recommend you try before buying. If you are a 10-handicapper, it means that you have already achieved something most of the golfers would like to achieve. So, it is high time to take things more seriously, maybe?

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