Best Golf Balls for 20 Handicappers

If you just started playing golf or an occasional golfer, it means that you have a high handicap. So, your golf ball needs are different than other golfers. Here’s a top 5 best golf balls for 20 handicappers.

What is a handicap in golf?

A golf handicap is a number that measures a golfer’s potential so that golfers with various skill levels can play golf together in a more competitive way. A golfer with a lower handicap is a better golf player than golfers with a higher handicap.

For instance; if you are a 20-handicap player playing against a 10-handicap player, you will be able to shoot the ball 10 more times.

How do you find your handicap and your skill level?

Principally, when you begin the game of golf, you start with high handicaps (sometimes very high). USGA allows players to have 36 handicaps at most but usually, 20 handicaps or more are considered a high handicap.

So, how do you find your own handicap? You need to know the par of the course first. For example, if the par is 72 and you need 90 strokes to finish all holes, it means your handicap is 18. Surely, your handicap will go lower as soon as you begin to get better.

Golf Balls

We need to take something into consideration: The only golf equipment we use for every shot of ours is the golf ball. We change our golf clubs; we do not always need sunglasses or rangefinders. However, we use the same ball every time. So, we need to choose a golf ball that can meet our needs and expectations. That is why we do this list.

As a general rule, you need to stick with your golf ball for a long time. There are too many variables in golf, so we should refrain from adding another variable that could mess up. Pick one and persist with it.

The first thing we need to know about golf balls is compression ratings. The better player you are, the more compression ratings you need. The more compression rating the ball has, the less spin you will get. So, for a 20-handicap player, 70-75 compression rating is good while intermediate and advanced players will need more than 100.

Let’s get to our review.

1. Vice Golf Tour

The Vice Golf Tour model is one of the most elegant looking golf balls I have ever used. Yet, the appearance is not the only thing that this golf ball achieves. The ball flies high thanks to its soft feel and stable ball flight design.


Vice Golf Tour, Best Golf Balls for 20 HandicappersOne thing that you do not want from a golf ball is the lack of consistency. However, sometimes soft balls have such issues. Some of the golf balls go as diverse as 20 yards which is awful. The very good thing is the Vice Golf Tour balls have high consistency while still keeping the long carry that everyone wants.

As the ball itself is soft, another issue could be the spin rate. However, Vice usually do not have such problems. They use DuPont Surlyn cover. Surlyn is a much thinner cover than urethane covers; so, it adds to the soft feel.
The number of dimples has also increased in this model. The dimples are quite crucial in the overall aerodynamics of a golf ball. The ball is smooth and stable in its trajectory thanks to that.

One thing that we need to add is that sometimes crosswinds can be a pain in the neck. They can decrease the carry distance thus, result in losing strokes. However, the Vice engineers made sure that the lateral movement of the golf ball is down to a minimum so that it will resist against crosswinds.

Vice is a company that attaches importance to user feedback. So, they tested this model with tour professionals and golf teachers. As this model is suitable for beginners, what golf teachers say can even be more important than professional golfers. Hence, the end product is the Vice Golf Tour.


  • The ball is quite efficient against crosswinds thanks to its aerodynamics.
  • It has quite a high carry distance when you compare it to other balls in its class.


  • The only problem with the ball is durability.

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2. Bridgestone E6 Soft

The Bridgestone E6 Soft is the little brother of the company’s face of the brand, E12. The ball has a very low compression rating and owing to that, the ball simply flies away. You might need a pair of spectacles to keep track of your balls. The ball’s feel when using the irons is simply great. The putting can be a bit of a problem until you get used to the ball, though.


Bridgestone e6, 2nd Best Golf Balls for 20 HandicappersThe E6 Soft is a ball for players who want to feel that they reach longer distances, shoot more accurately and can be more competitive. Greenside control is average if not bad.

Another thing to mention is that the ball has a default white color; however, if you want the ball to be more visible on the fairway or in the roughs, there is the optic yellow color. Both balls bear the same qualities except for the color. ‘

The Bridgestone E6 Soft’s unprecedented Delta Dimple design allows the ball to fly smoothly, resist the air and crosswinds. In order to have straighter shots, we need to emphasize how important the design is.


  • It has outstanding performance off the tee.
  • You can see the ball clearly everywhere in the course, especially with its optic yellow color.


  • The only downside is its greens performance which is just the average.

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3. TaylorMade Project (a)

I cannot imagine a golf balls list without a TaylorMade product. The company manufactures all types of golf balls, ranging from beginner levels to professional levels. The TaylorMade Project (a) is exceptionally well for 20 handicappers; yet, you can use it even when you improve to regular 10 handicaps.


The Project (a) mainly utilizes a three-layer design. Its unique dual distance core consists of two layers. The first one is the stiffer outer core so that it will increase rebound and velocity. The latter is the softer inner core in order to decrease the spin rate. At last, there is the urethane cover which boosts the carry distance, overall.

The second thing I would like to introduce to you is that the company has a premium dimple pattern in this ball. The LDP 322 Seamless dimple pattern is used in the company’s high-end products like TP5 and TP5x golf balls, as well. Those golf balls prioritize low drag aerodynamics and fewer spins.

Finally, let’s dig their performance in different positions. The driver’s feel with the ball is quite soft and confident as well as long iron distances. However, I would like to draw attention to its greenside performance. It has a tour-level greenside spin on the whole and I can say that it is the best greens performance among our list.


  • It has excellent greenside performance.
  • It has a higher-class technology.


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4. Callaway Golf ERC Soft Triple Track

A Callaway is a no-brainer in this list. Callaway produces one of the greatest pieces of golf equipment in the golf market and they made our list with their ERC Triple Track. The company advertises it as the longest Callaway golf ball with a soft feel.


One of the most important things in the golf core is that it should maximize compression energy. Thanks to Callaway’s graphene Dual Soft Fast Core, the core energy is at a level that is remarkable. Yet, we should note that driver spin is at the minimum level while whacking the ball off the tee box is much better for casual golfers.

As the name suggests, it has a new technology that Callaway calls it Triple Track. It simply aids to improve alignment. The Triple Track helps a lot especially in putting distances since you can trail the ball path. It makes it simpler to guess if the ball is going in or not


  • Triple Track is a great technology compared to its equivalents.
  • Great launch energy is a big surplus.


  • The ball feels a bit mushy, which is a downside for many.

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5. Nike Golf GL0710-101 PD9 Long White Bi-Ling Ball

Such a complicated name for such a simple ball. Nike is not a company that we know as especially a golf equipment brand; however, their golf balls are getting better and better. So, the Nike PD9 Longs make our list as our fifth choice.


The PD9 Long promises what it does well: High performance and great durability. I can simply say that you will not have any issues regarding the ball’s durability. You can play the whole course with one ball and not see any scratch on the ball’s cover.

It is a two-piece ball: High-velocity core so that it will fly higher and the ionomer cover to reduce the spin rate. Both work quite well.

The feel of irons is great and responsive. I simply felt great on the fairway. The ball has ostensibly a few to none problems with its flight and roll.

The Nike PD9 Longs have a nice dimple pattern which adds resilience and resistance to the ball. In order to achieve strong and straight shots, a ball needs to have a great dimple pattern.


  • The ball has great durability along the way.
  • You can reach longer distances off the tee box.


  • Control over the ball on the greens is a bit off.

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At last, we would like to offer these golf balls if you are ambitious to improve your game. Remember that a golf ball can open doors to improvement. As you are a 20-handicapper, there is enough room for improvement. Pick your golf ball wisely and you will amaze your golfing partners next time you are on the golf course.

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