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Callaway 200 Laser Golf Rangefinder Review

Do you want to add some equipment to your golf tools to learn the distance? The Callaway 200 Laser Golf Rangefinder review will give you an idea.

What is a rangefinder?

A rangefinder is a device that measures the distance between an observer and the target. It is not only used in golf but many different aspects such as in military purposes or virtual reality technology.

So many golfers use it nowadays. But for what purpose? They utilize it to make their golf experience more pleasant. They do not want merely a vague idea of how far they should be flying the ball but accuracy and precision when calculating the distance to the golf pin.

Callaway 200 Laser Golf Rangefinder

As we said, golf players around the world use rangefinders. Callaway is a huge company that designs and manufactures all types of golf equipment, golf accessories, and many other golf-related products. Their range of products varies from beginner level golf club sets to professional level sunglasses. The California-based company has been notorious for producing top-notch sporting goods that are durable, high-quality and fitting the bill.

Before everything else, let’s get to its features.


Callaway 200 Laser Golf RangefinderThe Callaway 200 Laser Golf Rangefinder is a piece of equipment that is designed for casual golfers and their needs. The company’s engineers obviously heard the cries of occasional golfers and removed many extra features from its high-end products such as the 300PRO Rangefinder. However, the removal of some features is not always a bad thing. Normally, many beginners are swarmed with functions that they will not even use once when they buy a rangefinder.

First of all, you can magnify 6 times with this device. Its range calculation starts from 5 yards and goes all the way to 800 yards with great accuracy (+/- 1 yard). So, when you compare it Callaway’s Micro Prism rangefinder’s 600 yards laser range, it is a great upgrade. In addition to that, professionals use ranges somewhere around 1000 yards so, it is not a long way off.

Second of all, Callaway’s unprecedented technology, Pin Acquisition Technology, quickly locks onto the pin from that is as long as 275 yards away which works awesome in this particular rangefinder.

Another thing is that it has great scanning property. This function, all in all, allows you to acquire distances to multiple targets at once. So, you can set different targets and the laser range will do the rest.

Finally, I want to put an emphasis on its LCD display. I do not personally like cluttering in LCD displays giving me more details than I need to. Yet, this one is very easy to read everything. Not so many unnecessary details, not some acronyms impossible to know what it is all about. It is simplistic. It shows the target in yards or meters depending on our choice and the Pin Acquisition Technology indicator.

Technical Features

The Callaway 200 Laser Golf Rangefinder is extremely compact and lightweight. You will not have to think twice if you want to carry your rangefinder on a golf day you merely want to hit some balls at the tee box and so on. It fits in your golf bag easily and the handling is the piece of cake. It weighs a total of 4.4 ounces (125 grams) so, almost thirty percent lighter than most of the rangefinders in the market.

Another thing I would like to point out is that the rangefinder is water and fog-proof. Yes, many of us experienced sudden pours or early fogs in courses.

Locking onto the flag works incredibly well. Many rangefinders of this class cannot ignore trees or other objects when looking at the pin; however, the Callaway produced a very accurate P.A.T. here.

Calculations and Powering up

The Callaway 200 is a more affordable version than its equivalents in the market. So, the only difference is during its calculations. I have the 300PRO version as well and the thing is the 200 made calculations a little bit slower than 300PRO. The delay is about 2 seconds. It surely is not the end of the world, especially when you compare the calculations.

Lastly, I would like to talk about its battery. The battery lasts even longer than most premium rangefinders. The usual CR2 battery is easily accessible for changes. If you are worried that your battery will die during your course time, you can always have a substitute one with you and change it immediately.

blems with inconsistency. It is very well-designed and quite consistent.


  • The fact that it is an affordable one should not intimidate you. It still has a good price-performance ratio.
  • It is lightweight so that it will be pleasant to have a small and simple device with you.


  • One minor con is that the rangefinder calculates distances 2 seconds longer than more premium ones.

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