How much does it cost to ship golf clubs?

It seems more and more people travel around the world to play golf. But which way to ship golf clubs is the best? Find out how much does it cost to ship golf clubs in our handy guide.

Shipping Golf Clubs

Every year thousands of Americans travel to Scotland, Ireland,  Italy and other countries renowned across the World for their golf courses. For most golfing enthusiast the idea of playing rounds around the World is a dream come true holiday.

However, many people run into the same problem; how to ship golf clubs so they will be safe and sound and will not cost an arm and a leg? If you’ve fl0wn with clubs before you might have  experienced some issues like denting on the clubs or even worse: broken clubs.

Thus, we are going to dig deeper to unearth what the other options are along with the airline carrying.

We will be checking options like planes, FedEx and UPS, Luggage Forward, Ship Sticks and lastly, ClubHub.


box, How much does it cost to ship golf clubsThe biggest pro here is the simplicity. Airlines offer the simplest solution. You get on board, your sticks go under the plane with different pieces of luggage. However, traveling with your clubs isn’t always the most convenient, affordable or safest route to take.

First of all, let’s see what specific airlines offer. For example, you can have two pieces of checked luggage in Southwest Airlines and the company counts the golf bag as one of them. Delta Airlines have strict rules for carrying a golf bag such as not having anything non-golf related in your bag.

Also, you need to take taxis into consideration too. Taxis often charge you extra if you have a golf bag.

Damaged or broken clubs are a nightmare of every golfer. Yes, the insurance of the airlines covers with no big issues; however, one broken stick can ruin your holiday.

FedEx and UPS

FedEx and UPS are not specialized in shipping golf clubs, of course, but they are trustworthy and swift options. Yet, are they affordable? Well not much. You pay more than a hundred dollars for shipping two ways. FedEx has over 2000 branch offices across the United States while UPS outpaces them with more than 5000.

If you are shipping your clubs out of the U.S., the shipping costs would be much more than domestic services. Don’t forget to factor in packing your clubs and time to ship them. You’ll pay more for quicker shipping.
Are there any other ways that are less pricey and comfier? Yes, indeed.

Luggage Forward

The company was founded in 2005 in order to ship golf clubs specifically. They ship to popular golf destinations domestically and abroad. So, if you are dedicated to take your own clubs while going abroad, Luggage Forward can be the cheapest possible option.

You should note that the company is aware of the fact that they are in a niche business. They merely ship golf bags to popular destinations. Even though this is an alcove industry, they guarantee the lowest prices. They even offer an on-time guarantee.

How does it work? If Luggage Forward’s flat rates do not beat FedEx, Luggage Forward matches that price and give you extra bucks. You do not even need to go out to their offices as they work door-to-door.

A quick quote from NYC to St. Andrews and back come out as $224.

Ship Sticks

Ship Sticks is a company founded back in 2010. The Florida-based company ships your clubs anywhere you want with full insurance. Once you ship your golf bag, you are able to track your clubs online.

When it comes to costs, it is also a much cheaper option than FedEx or UPS. However, if you are sending larger than standard bags, they charge more. Using our NYC to St. Andrews example came out for a return quote of $219.

If you want your clubs to be on time, it’s probably best to ship them a week or so before your trip. Normally, they give about 5 business days for shipping but better safe than sorry. If your clubs are late, the company reimburses you 200 dollars.


If you’re golfing domestically ClubHub is worth a look at. In this case, you are not shipping your own clubs but renting high-quality golf clubs. Sure, they will not have the comfort of holding your own stick but it is a relatively convenient option.

You pay 69 dollars for the first day and 20 dollars for each additional day. You pick your clubs up at the hotel. It is a very simplistic but effective solution. If you’re not bothered about using your own clubs then this is a great solution that can save a lot of headache and money potentially.


Shipping clubs comes down to affordability, convenience and saftey. You need to consider everything before sending your golf bag as they are our fellow travelers. There’s a wide option of services out there from flying with your clubs, using a shipping company like FedEx, a dedicated golf club shipping service or if you’re playing domestically then renting clubs is a solid option.

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